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Summer Sweets That Make A Big Impact On Oral Health

June 04, 2023
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Summer is the season of sweet treats and indulgences, but it’s important to remember that not all treats are created equal. Especially when it comes to oral health, some summer treats can impact your teeth and gums, leading to problems like discolouration, tooth sensitivity, and cavities. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 summer sweets that can impact oral health and discuss what you can do to maintain good oral hygiene during the summer months.


Ice Cream

Ice cream is a classic summer treat that’s loved by people of all ages. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst offenders when it comes to oral health. It’s well-recognized that ice cream typically contains a large amount of sugar. Overindulgence can lead to cavities and tooth decay if not properly cared for. In addition, the cold temperature can cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort in some people.


To ensure your oral health remains optimal while still enjoying ice cream, brushing your teeth a few minutes after eating it is essential. If you have sensitive teeth, try eating your ice cream with a spoon instead of biting into it. And, of course, moderation is key. Don’t eat ice cream every day. Ensure optimal oral health is maintained by regularly arranging dental appointments for cleanings and fillings.


Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are refreshing summer snacks, but they can also be harmful to your teeth. The acid in these fruits can wear down the enamel on your teeth, leading to discolouration and increased sensitivity.

To minimize the impact of citrus fruits on your oral health, try eating them with a meal instead of as a standalone snack. Doing so will counteract the acidity and safeguard your dental health.



Popsicles offer a delightful and cooling snack during the summer. Yet, they contain a high sugar content which can lead to dental decay if oral hygiene is not maintained correctly. The cold temperature can also cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort.

To maintain good oral health while enjoying popsicles, make your own at home with natural sweeteners like fruit juice or honey. This will make them a healthier option for your teeth. And, as always, be sure to rinse and clean your teeth a short while after consuming food to remove any remaining sugar.



S’mores are a classic summer treat that’s loved by many. The sticky marshmallow can get stuck in your teeth, making it difficult to remove and increasing the risk of cavities.

To minimize the impact of s’mores on your oral health, try using sugar-free marshmallows and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Doing so will aid in reducing the quantity of sugar in your s’mores and make them a healthier option for your teeth. Be sure to maintain oral hygiene a few minutes after eating to remove any remaining marshmallow debris.


Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages like soda and sparkling water are popular summer drinks. Still, they are also high in sugar and can cause tooth decay if not properly cared for. The carbonation can also erode the enamel on your teeth, leading to discolouration and increased sensitivity.

To maintain good oral health while enjoying carbonated beverages, try drinking them with a straw to minimize contact with your teeth. 



Suppose you’re experiencing teeth discolouration, tooth sensitivity, or cavities. In that case, scheduling an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible is essential. They can recommend dental treatments like teeth whitening, cleanings, and fillings to address any concerns. 

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Lamine Diallo
Lamine Diallo
02:21 15 Jun 22
My family and I have been receiving care from Dr. Ashraf and his amazing team since we first moved to Waterloo in 2002. His assessment skills are spot on, he is gentle and is very skilled at working with anxious\nervous patients. My dental hygienist is Lin who is very knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. She is amazingly gentle yet very,very thorough when it comes to preventative dental care. She is didactic as well, taking the time to teach patients how to use certain equipment as well as addressing gingivitis in pro-active ways. We are in very capable hands.
Trisa Kapetaneas
Trisa Kapetaneas
18:12 01 Jun 22
I have been a patient here for over 2 years now and I've always enjoyed the experience. The staff are professional and have always made me feel comfortable. I recently had a cleaning done by Lynn for the first time and she was amazing! Will continue to visit for my checkups/cleanings.
Aamir Mirza
Aamir Mirza
14:54 03 May 22
Dr. Ashraf and his team is amazing. All work done under one umbrella for entire family. We all are very happy to be under the care for the last 20 plus years. Lin, dental hygienist is remarkable professional. She knows her job so well that I look forward to my cleaning every time I'm scheduled. Thank you Lin for your amazing work for my entire family!
Alena Delena
Alena Delena
14:50 02 May 22
My family loves Dr Ashraf. We've been through many dentists in many cities and he's by far our favourite one. He's always thorough and professional. His referrals are also of equal high caliber. I went to him for a root canal and a crown. I had many concerns and he addressed them all personally. He even went so far as to redo a root canal for me. Recommend.
Nicole Wood
Nicole Wood
15:31 28 Apr 22
I found Ashraf Dentistry a year ago and I absolutely love their dental clinic. Everyone is very kind and thorough. Lin is the best dental hygienist I've ever had! She takes the time to ensure I receive the care I need. Both dentists I've seen have also been very kind and wonderful at making me feel like my teeth are being taken care of. Highly recommend!
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